• Pete Repeater

    Pete Repeater is an audio looper with a wooden block interface. It was my final project for Intro to Physical Computing, and my partner was Karl Ward. When we paired up Karl was really driven to create a looper that you played with more than just used. He described that most loopers were used by guitarists who didn't have any hands free and stepped on them with their feet. I could tell he was missing the experience of handling the thing itself for the tactile and intimate control of the recording, looping and direction of play.

    We felt it was less important to imitate or improve upon commercial loopers, and more worth while to make something that was fun, had presence and was easy to use. We also decided to hone in on a specific audience to help guide our decision making. We wanted it to be for children ages 6 and up. The idea was that a thoughtful 6 year old who was interested not only in making sounds, but making decisions and controlling the sound would have fun, get it right away, and then hack the simple tool for his or her own experimentation. And semi-secretly, we wanted to make a kids' toy that adults and adult musicians would want to appropriate. I'm positive Karl had his own vision of inspiration, but I kept thinking of a scene from Funky Monks, when Flea takes his daughter's mini toy piano and plays it, and its sound seems to be what they were looking for.

    I could go on about this, but truly, the best descriptions of this project and its conception are on Karl's blog post. And the more technical wizardry here. Please to enjoy.

    But here is some documentation of how it works. Sadly, we didn't record the freestyle duet Karl and I did recording Texasisms. You might could just imagine it on yrown.

    PETE REPEATER from Jon Wasserman on Vimeo.