• PComp Reading: Visual Intelligence

    This discussion of Phantom Limb mapping was very interesting. I had known about the residual pain and telescoping effects, but I didn't know the sensation mapping was so accurate and consistent and represented on more than one region of the remaining limb as well as the face. In Art school I took a Brain class. In it, my partner and I created a Mirror Box. At the time we had read that a way to alleviate lingering pain in phantom limbs was to put the limbs in the mirror box, and then once comfortable with the image of two moving working appendages quickly remove both so that they would snap the perception both of pain AND telescoping phantom limb back to the current real state. I wasn't able to find any links supporting that, but a better illustration is rehabbing with mirror techniques.

    The Homunculus is a dynamic map/visualization. There are numerous accounts of trauma that tweak the way touch perceptions sorts out. Sometimes overlapping, sometimes overcompensating. I wonder what the benefit and danger that messing with this order might reveal. That the genitals represent low on the sensitivity spectrum seems to be a matter of biological pragmatism. We wouldn't get anything done! But what if there was a device (or software) that stimulated the region of the brain dedicated to the genitals. No longer simply about triggering nerve impulses, the real manipulation would be in the perception and volume. I don't know about eating from the Tree of Knowledge on that one…

    Diane Ackerman's descriptions of sensations are so vivid. I'd almost call them deeply poetic in their authenticity. Screw AR, they make a compelling case for Virtual Tactility. I remember when they first came out with the rumble pack for the N64. Playing GoldenEye, running through maps shooting at each other, it made it reasonably more difficult when the controller shook. Now the haptic feedback on my phone helps me remain connected to the feeling of using a living tool instead of an inanimate object. And what about dildonics? Admittedly I'm not up to speed on the current state of development. But reading this article makes me think there is even more room for growth in that field/culture than I had imagined. THIS is all I could find.