• HW Assignment: The Future of Flying Robots

    Prompt: What do you think will be done with flying robots in the year 2023?

    In 2023 the most extremely violent uses of drones from authoritarian power will have settled back down to a low, steady stream. The omnipresent, fear inducing threat of what local and national authorities had done and could do with their drone technology keeps most of the citizens in line.

    And quite literally in line, as the majority of the population has to jump through new hoops and bottlenecks in order to acquire, at an unreasonable cost, "safe" and drinkable water. After years of back room handshake deals and a systematic forfeiture of the water resources to private companies, the acquisition of water on a regular basis will be the primary cultural game changer, and in order to maintain order, the use of low flying and higher altitude drones will become commonplace. Obligated really.

    Drones equipped with facial identification and RFID sensors for chips embedded in licenses and passports will process people in the queue. With a captive audience, Advertising drones will display and project media and messaging that will drive people to desire and demand the only services and products accessible.

    It will be awesome!