• Much Ado About Pendulum

    Last week in class we got into groups to make the best impromptu pendulum we could from available scrap. My teammate Peter Terezakis did an exceptional job of documenting what we had done and expanding on the meandering uses for pendulums.

    One of the things I like about our pendulum is that it can be activated by hand, in person. Another thing is its natural course of time. It lasts longer than our attention span, but shorter than our neediness. This variable can mold and hone our interaction with it.

    There had been a citywide hackathon trying to repurpose or revitalize phone booths in NYC. I thought making a kiosk or shelter that was powered by a pendulum would be a good way for people to take advantage of cheap and renewable energy to aid them in some way.

    Influenced by Guilherme Pena Costa's project from last year's class, the Night Swing, I thought about connecting a pendulum to a motor to engineer low level power for a small use. Though the pendulum rotates its position over time, its path in one interation is a straight line. So if a rotating collar could be put on the connection point it could move fluidly with the movement of the pendulum.

    Here are some theoretical uses: