• The City Reliquary/Ancient LolCats

    One of this week's assignments was to visit the City Reliquary. It was a site specific research trip related to next week's assignment about Memory, Stories, Objects and Locations. The Reliquary had many artifacts and memorabilia from NY's history. Their current exhibit was on postcards, specifically the noteworthy moment in 1906/1907 when you didn't write on the back of a postcard because that space was dedicated to the address. It is interesting to read old postcards and see the cultural nuance of having to write them on the picture. But I found this one particularly interesting:

    This postcard depicts "Uncle Happy" jumping off the Flatiron Building, and even notes his hat which is falling seperately.

    This person bought a stamp, put this in the mail and intended to send it through the post to someone else close to them. And this is the whole message.

    That shit is funny! And conspicuously similar to the gravity of friendly message transmissions today. So take that, critics of contemporary discourse!